Ultra Solvent for CA Glue - 2 oz


50-3018 Ultra Solvent for Cyanoacrylate Glues.

Ultra Solvent™ is a remarkable debonder and cleaner for any instant glue. Use it for hand clean-up when ever you are manipulating small parts with your fingertips (instant glues make a thin, hard shell when cured on fingertips, reducing one's ability to work skillfully with tiny pieces) or just to get it off at the end of the day. Use Ultra Solvent™ to remove instant glue from most clothing and surfaces. Some fabric, colorings or materials may be affected, so test-patch on an inconspicuous place. Ultra Solvent™ is not a thinner for instant glue.

Use Super Solvent as a solvent for Hot Stuff instant glues.

1) To open- puncture tip with safety pin

2) To remove glue from skin- Wet a soft cloth with solvent and apply to glue for 30 seconds. Wipe clean. Repeat as necessary. Wash with soap and water

3) To break existing bonds- Apply solvent directly to bond. Repeat at one-two minute intervals until bond can be separated with gentle force.

4) To remove glue from surfaces or fabric- Apply solvent to glue. After one minute, apply again and rub gently with soft cloth. Repeat until glue is removed. Wash with soap and water.

Note: US-1 may discolor fabric or paint finishes. You should always test on a sample or inconspicuous area before usage.

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