The BANJO/TOOLREST BASE is a radical new design that assures even, powerful locking anywhere on the bed (PATENT No. 6000447). The sliding cam is supported by a cam support block which rests on a ledge machined in the toolrest base.

Note: Our Toolrest Base is available as an aftermarket item to upgrade your flatbed lathe.

Banjo/ Toolrest Base Design The patented ONEWAY toolrest base is designed to solve problems associated with traditional camlock toolrest bases. This sliding cam clamping mechanism ensures tight clamping and smooth operation in every position on the lathe bed.

What makes our Banjo's clamping mechanism better than conventional methods?

Conventional long cam shafts suffer from cam shaft deflection. This causes non-uniform clamping over the range of the toolrest base. Cam shaft deflection causes a related problem - the clamp handle tightens in a different position when the toolrest base is moved from front to back.

This conventional clamping mechanism consists of a cam shaft that runs the entire length of the toolrest base. Deflection is unavoidable using this unsupported system. Deflection occurs because the cam shaft is so long, it bends when clamping pressure is applied when positioned in the middle.

ONEWAY has solved this problem by replacing the regular long shaft cam with a sliding cam assembly. What is a sliding cam assembly? This assembly consists of a rotating square shaft, a short sliding cam and a support block for the sliding cam. The square shaft rotates the sliding cam. The cam is supported on a cam support block which in turn is supported on a ledge machined in the tool rest base. The block moves with the sliding cam and supports the shaft. Deflection of the cam shaft is eliminated and there is no longer a clamping difference anywhere on the lathe bed. When unclamped the handle is always at the 12 o'clock position and clamping may be adjusted to be repeatable anywhere between 10 & 6 o'clock with RH and LH clamping always at the same angle.

Can I purchase a Banjo for my flatbed lathe? The toolrest base was originally designed for ONEWAY Lathes, but because it is a significant improvement over current designs, we are offering the toolrest base and toolrest as upgrades to replace existing banjo/toolrests for flatbed lathes.

If you have a flatbed lathe, and you find your toolrest does not clamp sufficiently or slide smoothly, you can solve the problem with ONEWAY's new toolrest base.

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