Oneway Stronghold Jawset - Tower - #2 Serrated


These jaws are machined 1¼" deep to provide maximum gripping power.

They provide the power and strength necessary for large bowls and vases.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These jaws are currently only available for the STRONGHOLD Chuck. Similar sized jaws for the TALON Chuck will be available later this year.

More Clearance
Due to their increased depth, there is more clearance when working on the back of the piece. This can be very desirable.

Non-Marking Situations
The top of the internal profile is dovetailed with no serrations. This part of the jaws is specifically designed for use in non-marking situations like when you want to leave the tenon on the bottom of a bowl as a feature.

Patented Profiled Design
The profiled jaws provide maximum gripping power with minimal damage to the piece. There ingenious design allows the maximum gripping power across the entire range of the jaws. This means you no longer have to worry about getting the spigot close to the design diameter as you do with traditional serrated jaws.

Serrated Design
These jaws have roughly the same capacities as the profiled #3 Tower Jaws. The inside of the jaws have the traditional serrations milled into them, while the outside surface of the jaws is smooth. They are designed for light to heavy cutting applications on larger projects. These jaws may mark your work less when used at design diameter, however, as you move away from the design diameter, wood damage increases.

Serrated or Profiled?
There are several advantages to our patented profile design over the more tradition serrated design most other chuck manufacturers use. We recommend our patented profiled jaws as explained below:

At design diameter (Fig. 1) the serrated design and profile jaws grip equally well on round stock.
As soon as you grip something which is not at the design diameter (Fig. 2), the profile jaws grip much better as they are holding on with more surface area. Serrated jaws contact only a small area which diminishes as the diameter increases, and conversely increases wood damage.
Profile jaws also give the turner the flexibility of gripping square stock (Fig. 3), which we do not recommend doing if using smooth jaws.

Jaw Capacities
All the measurements below are in INCHES and are accurate to within 1/8".

Min Max
#2 Serrated TOWER Jaws
Spigot (external) 2" 3¾"
Recess (internal) 2-3/8" 4"
#2 Profiled TOWER Jaws
Spigot (external) 2" 3-3/8"
Recess (internal) 2 ¾" 4 ¼ "
#3 Serrated TOWER Jaws
Spigot (external) 3 ¾" 5"
Recess (internal) 4-3/8" 5-7/8"
#3 Profiled TOWER Jaws
Spigot (external) 3-5/8" 5"
Recess (internal) 4-3/8" 5-7/8"

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